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Introducing Hosts of Eden by Jay Mcfarland

On April 24 KSL will launch “Hosts of Eden,” its first podcast of fictional material. “Hosts of Eden” is an 11-episode story by KSL NewsRadio mid-day host Jay McFarland, host of “The JayMac News Show” weekdays 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

The story begins with a man suffering from multiple personality disorder. One of these personalities claims he is American President Ronald J. Filmore. A second personality is a marine named Mason who says he served two tours of duty in Iraq. A third personality, Shelby, presents herself as a little girl with a mysterious past. The psychiatrist diagnosing him is startled to find out our patient knows chilling details about the lives of all three of these personalities that make his claims believable. Meanwhile, someone doesn’t want the doctor to learn the truth about who these personalities really are, and they may be willing to kill to prevent it.

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About Jay

Join Jay Mcfarland on KSL Newsradio weekdays at 12:30PM for his unique take on the news of the day. Remember you can always participate in the show while it is on the air by texting your comment to 57500 or calling the comment line anytime (801) 575-7668.

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Mobile Game Developer

Jay has developed many fun and exciting mobile games for iOS, Android, and windows. These games are fun and family friendly. 

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Pluralsight Author

You can learn how to build mobile games as well with Jay's Gamesalad training courses. 

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Unique insights into the proper role of government and sound advice for creating a long lasting marriage. 

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