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The JayMac News Show

KSL NewsRadio 

Monday - Friday 12:30PM - 4:00PM

Listen to JayMac's unique take on the news of the day. Also keep up to date with the latest privacy concerns and learn how to keep your kids safe online. Break free from the partisan addiction that is plaguing this country!

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Sci-Fi Podcasts

Host of Eden 

The story begins with a man suffering from multiple personality disorder. One of these personalities claims he is American President Ronald J. Filmore. A second personality is a U.S. Marine named Mason who says he served two tours of duty in Iraq. A third personality, Shelby, presents herself as a little girl with a mysterious past. The psychiatrist diagnosing him is startled to find out our patient knows chilling details about the lives of all three of these personalities that make his claims believable. Meanwhile, someone doesn’t want the doctor to learn the truth about who these personalities really are, and they may be willing to kill to prevent it.


Mobile Games

Jay has created a vast portfolio of mobile games for the entire family. Teach your kids the alphabet, how to count money, or even how a combustion engine works. Or have some fun painting with fruit blasted against a wall. 




Freedom Ain't Free goes beyond the partisan rhetoric of the day to explain how our current government is removing rights in the name of protecting them. Jay Mcfarland cuts through today's emotional arguments and clearly defines how a free society is supposed to function, and what price we each must pay in order to maintain our freedoms. Through humorous personal experiences and undeniable logic, Freedom Ain't Free clearly identifies the frustration that most Americans feel with their government and then goes even further by presenting new solutions to some of the most difficult challenges of our day. This book will redefine how you view the United States government and what role we all must play in restoring this nation to the principles that made it the greatest nation on the earth.

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Joyful Union is about learning how to make your marriage better today and securing happiness in the future. In this book you will learn easy to implement steps that will ensure both partners understand how to achieve a cohesive and passionate relationship.

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Jay is committed to helping others achieve their dreams. With this in mind he has partnered with Pluralsight in order to help others learn how to develop games, publish books, become better managers, and climb the corporate ladder. 

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